Like a child coming-of-age and going out into the universe alone for the first time, most of mankind has left their home planet Earth. Its resources depleted, only the wealthy that can afford to live in luxury (and import pretty much all of said luxuries) remain, staying by their mother’s side like frightened children.

Perhaps due to some form of cosmic radiation, or maybe no longer constrained by the boundaries of Earth, psychic powers have begun awakening in some of humanity. Realizing this to be the future of mankind, special schools were built to train these individuals. Twelve to be exact (while these powers were awakening, there were still in a relative minority). While there are few of them, the ships are the largest, most impressive vessels known to mankind. Huge behemoth battleships, each unique in their own way, but many of which have the capacity of a small city.

Of course, not all people agree that these psychic beings are the future. Indeed, some view them as an abomination. The fact the schools are the most powerful space-capable ships only fuels their resolve that psychics are merely taking over society rather than integrating with it. But they, too, are a relative minority. Most normal people live their daily lives unconcerned with psychics.

This story takes place on one said ship: Aquarius. Not the largest, nor the smallest. Not the most powerful school. It cruises through space, fulfilling its mission to train the future of humanity.

Starship Aquarius