Aaron Bishop

Leader of Team 13


Name: Aaron Bishop
Age: 18
PSY Rank: 3k

(These stats are provided here for example purposes. Subject to change during game play.)

Body Stat: 6 (60)
Mind Stat: 4 (40)
Soul Stat: 5 (50)

Attack Combat Modifier: 5(6 with “Psychic Strikes”)
Defence Combat Modifier: 5(7 vs. melee with “Psychic Strikes”, 6 vs. Ranged)
Damage Multiplier: 5(6 in melee)
Health Points: 70
Shock Value: 11
Energy Points: 55

Attributes -
  • Energy Bonus LVL.2(4)
  • Extra Defenses LVL.2(10)
  • Melee Attack LVL.1(3): “Psychic Strikes”
  • Melee Defense LVL.2(6): “Psychic Strikes”
  • Mind Shield LVL.1(2)
  • Ranged Defense LVL.1(3): Personal
  • Regeneration LVL.2(10): Concentration(-4), Deplete(-2 EP/Round, -6)
  • Special Movement LVL.1(2): Fast
  • Super Strength LVL.1(7): Deplete(-1)
  • Telekinesis LVL.3(24)
  • Telepathy LVL.2(12): Only Humans
  • Tough LVL.3(6)
  • Weapon “Telekinetic Javelin” LVL.4(10): Piercing 1, Range 2, Deplete(-1)
  • Weapon Alternate “Psychic Strikes” LVL.2(4->2)
Skills -
  • Acrobatics LVL.1(3): Tumbling
  • Area Knowledge LVL.1(1): Aquarius
  • Gaming LVL.1(1): RPG’s
  • Sports LVL.1(2): Fool’s Ball
Defects -
  • Blind Fury: Outnumbered in Combat(-4)
  • Easily Distracted: Physical Competitions(-2)
  • Less Capable(Soul) Major(Luck)(-2)

Total Points Used: 250


As the leader of the recently formed Team 13 (it was a Friday when he and his teammates were brought together), Aaron leads the charge into just about any predicament. Quite literally. His recklessness and enthusiasm is very tiring to his teammates, but they always manage to keep up with his pace somehow.

In the party dynamic of his team, other than being the leader, he is the close-combat specialist. While his use of telekinesis to enhance his physical abilities is not unusual, it is not a popular choice. Most psychics prefer to fight at range, but not Aaron. He prefers up close and personal. Which doesn’t always work.

Outside of his responsibilities, he is an avid gamer, and takes particular joy in watching or playing the most popular sport on Aquarius, Fool’s Ball.

Teammates: Azusa Meyers and Lupe Snider
Team Adviser: Lyndon Hood

Aaron Bishop

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