Azusa Meyers

The Ditz with the Gun


Name: Azusa Meyers
Age: 17

(These stats are provided here for example purposes. Subject to change during game play.)

Body Stat: 5 (50)
Mind Stat: 3 (30)
Soul Stat: 7 (70)

Attack Combat Modifier: 5(6 with Auto-Cannons)
Defence Combat Modifier: 6
Damage Multiplier: 5
Health Points: 60
Shock Value: 22
Energy Points: 50

Attributes -
  • Combat Techniques LVL.6(12): Dead Eye, Hard Boiled, Judge Opponent, Steady Hand, Tournament Encyclopedia, Weapons Encyclopedia
  • Companion LVL.3(3): Four Cats
  • Defense Combat Mastery LVL.1(10)
  • Divine Relationship LVL.5(10)
  • Features LVL.4(4): Animal Empathy, Appearance(Cute), Eidetic Memory, Perfect Pitch
  • Heightened Senses LVL.1(2): Smell
  • Ranged Attack LVL.1(3): Auto-Cannons
Skills -
  • Domestic Arts LVL.1(1): Cooking
  • Driving LVL.1(2): Armored Fighting Vehicles
  • Mechanics LVL.2(4): Automotive
  • Medical LVL.1(2): Emergency Response
  • Visual Arts LVL.1(1): Painting


Items -
  • Armor “Light Body Armor” LVL.6(9->4): Partial(-1), Conditional Ownership(-2)
  • Weapon “Pistol” LVL.3(7->3): Range 2, Conditional Ownership(-1)
  • Weapon “Auto-Cannon” LVL.5(12->6): Auto-fire(3), Range 3, Ammo(-1), Hands(-1), Conditional Ownership(-2)
  • Vehicle “Armored Ground Transport” (36->18): See Below
Defects -
  • Guy Magnet(-1)
  • Less Capable(Body) Major: Agility(-1)
  • Phobia: Large Bodies of Water(-1)
  • Significant Others: Teammates(-2)
  • Unique Defect: Can’t Swim(-1)

Total Points Used: 227

Armored Ground Transport(36->18)
  • Armor LVL.10(19): Partial(-1)
  • Features LVL.6(6): Extra Capacity 4(Eight People), Medical Kit, Tow Cable
  • Land Speed LVL.4(7): Detectable(Sound, -1)
  • Weapon “Mounted Auto-Cannon” LVL.5(15): Auto-fire(3), Helper, Range 3, Ammo(-1), Hands(-1)
  • Awkward Size(-8)
  • Conditional Ownership(-3)

You’d never guess from the huge weapon she lugs around during missions, but Azusa is actually a very peaceful individual. During her free time, she prefers tending to her cats (of which she has four) and painting.

She is rather clumsy and quite air-headed, but you would be surprised at her ability to memorize seemingly useless bits of trivia. She has an almost picture-perfect memory, especially when it comes to technology and machinery. Her other saving graces of being rather cute, good at cooking, and a fairly impressive singer have created a small following of boys keen on going out with her.

In her team dynamic, she balances out Aaron’s abysmal luck with her own near-miraculous level of luck, while her cheerfulness outshines her other teammate’s (to be created) constantly sour mood. She performs the duties of heavy long-range combat, mechanics, as well as acts as a morale booster. She would do anything to keep her teammates from dying, even going so far as to throw herself in front of her allies if necessary.

Teammates: Aaron Bishop and Lupe Snider
Adviser: Lyndon Hood

Azusa Meyers

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