Lupe Snider

The Brains of Team 13


Name: Lupe Snider
Age: 18
PSY Rank: 4ms

(These stats are provided here for example purposes. Subject to change during game play.)

Body Stat: 3 (30)
Mind Stat: 7 (70)
Soul Stat: 4 (40)

Attack Combat Modifier: 4
Defence Combat Modifier: 4
Damage Multiplier: 5
Health Points: 30
Shock Value: 7
Energy Points: 60

Attributes -
  • Computer Scanning LVL.2(8)
  • Energy Bonus LVL.2(4)
  • Exorcism LVL.3(5): Deplete(-1)
  • Mind Control(Universal) LVL.3(23): Deplete(-1)
  • Mind Shield LVL.2(4)
  • Sixth Sense LVL.1(6): Use of Psychic Energies; Range 3->7(4)
  • Telekinesis LVL.2(16)
  • Telepathy(Major) LVL.4(16): Only Humans
  • Weapon “Energy Leak” LVL.0(12): Accurate 2, Enervation 4, Psychic(6), Range 2, Activation(-2)
Skills -
  • Burglary LVL.1(2): Breaking & Entering
  • Computers LVL.1(2): Intrusion/Security
  • Electronics LVL.1(2): Security
  • Forgery LVL.1(1): Electronic Documents
  • Gaming LVL.1(1): Computer Games
  • Physical Sciences LVL.1(2): Mathematics
Items –
  • Armor “Light Body Armor” LVL.6(9->4): Partial(-1), Conditional Ownership(-2)
  • Laptop Computer(4->2): Features 5[Basic AI, Cell Phone, Data Backup Auto System, DVD Player, Identity Verifier]; Conditional Ownership(-1)
Defects -
  • Girl Magnet(-1)
  • Hounded: Council(-2)
  • Less Capable(Mind) Major: Creativity(-3)
  • Not So Tough(-2)
  • Significant Other: Azusa(-1)

Total Points Used: 239


Considered a genius, though not a particularly powerful psychic, Lupe does make up for it with his special talent: Accessing, Reading, and Controlling computer systems with a thought. His lack of ability with Telekinesis is also made up for by his impressive detection abilities.

Preferring the cyber-universe over the real one, Lupe’s physical attributes are considerably lacking. He is an anti-social loner, whose lust for “2-D Girls” has only recently been breached by developing a crush on his new teammate, Azusa. He is (so far) unaware that his quiet, mysterious attitude has drawn attention from some of his female classmates.

He is constantly hounded by the Council of Aquarius, both for his impressive computer-accessing talents and because of his tendency towards using those talents in mischievous ways (they still haven’t been able to stop the cleaning-bots from spray-painting the halls of deck 36 ever since Lupe reprogrammed them).

In the group dynamic of Team 13, Lupe serves (when he feels like it) as the Long-Range Detector, Electronic Infiltrator, and Computer Expert.

Teammates: Aaron Bishop and Azusa Meyers
Adviser: Lyndon Hood

Lupe Snider

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