Anti Psychic Field

The Anti-Psychic Field (or APF for short) technology has been around almost as long as psychics themselves. When activated, each device creates a ‘bubble’ of power around itself that nullifies any psychic energy in the area. Each devices varies in power, as some have a larger area of effect but weaker suppression power, while others suppress even the most powerful psychics in a smaller area.

The technology has never been perfected, and is an ongoing evolution. One constant, however, is the enormous energy requirements to power such a device. The more powerful the field, and the larger area it effects, the more energy it requires. Small, hand-held versions of the device often have a relatively low power setting and small area of effect, but can be tuned up if desired by trading life expectancy (of the device). The ship-board APF’s that protect certain areas of Aquarius, such as the non-psychic crew/student quarters and sensitive ‘Top-Secret’ areas, are extremely powerful and drain a significant amount of energy from the ship’s engine core.

Related Attribute(s): Nullify(with Area variable)

(Psychic Characters do not need to take the Vulnerability defect, unless they wish their character to be particularly sensitive to APF’s)

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Anti Psychic Field

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