Character Creation Rules

General Rules

  • Character Points available to be spent: 250
  • Characters’ age between 17-19
  • Characters are human
  • Character creation should be done along with GM supervision (although you should find me fairly lenient)
  • Uses the Futuristic – Space Opera skill cost
  • Given the age of the PC’s, skill levels will be capped. See the specific character outline below to see respective caps.
  • At time of creation, players should choose a role for their character: Either a psychic student or non-psychic support character.
  • There should not be more non-psychic support characters than psychics, but at least one non-psychic. In the event everyone wants to be a psychic, an NPC non-psychic should be added to the team.
  • Combat will not always be the primary focus, skills and non-combat abilities will be useful at those times.
  • Attributes of considerable power should have some form of drawback to prevent overuse (depletion, charges, activation, concentration, ammo… depends upon the attribute and situation). IE, don’t focus all of your CP into one or two uber-powerful attributes at the expense of all else.

Psychic Students

  • Description
  • Should have at least one level each of telepathy and telekinesis.
  • Nearly any attribute can be used, as long as it can be tied into being either psychic or something a normal human could possibly do.
  • When determining restrictions for high-level psychic powers, players should choose “Deplete” over “Ammo” or “Charges”. The energy requirements for Deplete have been lowered significantly from those listed in the book, see entry in House Rules for details.
  • In terms of psychic powers, a Psychic Student may start with only one power at level 5, one power at level 4, two powers at level 3, and as many level 1 and 2 powers as they wish. This only applies to starting attributes, and powers can be increased beyond these limitations using advancement points.
  • Should be focused on psychic power more than anything else.
  • Max Skill level is 1.

Non-psychic Support

  • Description
  • Fills a variety of roles. See description for examples. Should focus their abilities to reflect that chosen role.
  • Since character does not have access to psychic powers, player should follow the rules for “Human Attributes” as outlined (on page 16 of the 3rd edition rulebook).
  • Most combat abilities likely come from the use of Items. Possible examples include guns, mecha, and Anti-Psychic Fields.
  • Most items of considerable power will invoke the “Conditional Ownership” defect, depending on its effects.
  • Can have one skill at level 2. All other skills are capped at level 1.

(Skill caps are only enforced during character creation, and may be increased with CP earned through game-play)

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Character Creation Rules

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