Daily Activities

While many schools adopt the day/night cycle of the planet they most frequently orbit, Aquarius prefers to wander the galaxy and thus does not have such a planet. So, they settled on the old 24-hour cycle from old-Earth.

For students, morning consists of breakfast followed by a sport or other exercise, depending on the day. Some psychic students complain about this, as they feel they don’t need to be particularly fit to use their powers. But, studies have shown that a strong body helps support a strong mind. That doesn’t stop them from complaining, however.

After morning exercises, it’s time for general education. These are classes anyone would find in a typical school: physics, calculus, etc. An APF is generally in use to prevent cheating by psychic students. The class on any one day is usually different, depending on what day of the week it is.

Once Gen. Ed. classes are done for the day (usually around noon), lunch is served, followed by more specific training classes. This is when psychic and non-psychic students split up. Psychics go to classes meant to hone their powers, while non-psychics go to more skill- and technology-oriented classes. In the case of non-psychics, they typically have a choice of which classes to attend based on their preferences, such as medical, maintenance, weaponry skills, etc. Oddly enough, weaponry is the most popular choice. While they get to choose which class to attend, attendance in something is mandatory.

Wrapping up at around 2 in the afternoon, the students are typically free for the rest of the day at that point. However, for older students that have passed the high-school level classes (typically around 17-19 years old, depending on several factors), this time is occasionally set aside for extra training with their teams. This training could include teamwork trials, competitions between teams, etc. In addition, teams are sometimes called upon to complete certain off-ship missions, which is where their teamwork is truly tested.

Daily Activities

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