Fool's Ball

The latest sport to have swept through the students of Aquarius like a hurricane. It combines aspects of old-Earth’s sports Football(Soccer), American Football, and Basketball. When combined with the psychic powers of the students, the game can get quite crazy.

The game takes place inside an enclosed, cubic arena of 12 meters on each side (approx. 40’). The enclosing walls are made of reinforced glass that can stop most hits from getting through1. A very thin, but very powerful, APF runs through the wall as well, preventing outside psychic interference. The audience area outside covers pretty much every surface of the cube arena. Along the sides are tiered grand-stands, and there is standing room on top of the cube. By request of some of the female competitors, there is no longer any ‘basement seating’ underneath the cube.

Inside the arena, pretty much anything goes. Each side consists of 6-8 members (depending on size preference and skill level), and are usually made up of 2 teams that are comfortable working together. At the beginning of the game there is a coin toss, the winning team gets to choose which surface of the cube to place their goal first. Any surface can be chosen, even the roof. The goal covers most of the chosen surface, leaving about a 1 meter gap along each side. After the game starts, anyone who manages to get the ball into the goal gets a point for the other side’s team. So, if a team member puts the ball into their own goal, the other team still gets a point.

It’s because of that last rule above that makes the game so interesting when combined with psychic powers. Other than the scoring system, anything goes while in the arena2. Medics are always on stand-by during these games, and are frequently rather busy. Any power the players have at their disposal can be used. Telekinesis, telepathy, mind control… the object is just to score the most points in the 30 minute time limit as possible. If you can ‘convince’ the other team to do that for you, all the better to you.

1 There was that ugly incident in November of 2178, when a player of PSY-rank 1 kicked a ball with telekinesis so hard it shattered it’s way through the wall and injured several audience members.
2 While anything goes, it is considered general practice for a player to retire if he causes another player’s death… accidental or otherwise.

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Fool's Ball

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