House Rules

Just a few house rules and/or clarifications.


  • We are not using variable damage in this campaign. It’s just that many extra numbers I (the GM) have to deal with.
  • In case of a failed roll, a character can choose to make a secondary Luck(Soul) roll. If that roll succeeds, the action partially succeeds. In case of an attack, the hit does half-damage. In other situations, it’s considered partially successful, and may make successive attempts easier.

For Psychics

  • Not every psychic-based weapon/attack necessarily means it gets the “Psychic” weapon variable. Telekinetic Blasts(like Mind Bullet!), telekinetically-enhanced strikes, and other similar attacks do not get the Psychic variable. The Psychic variable will be used for attacks that directly attack the target’s mind or other internal functions.
  • The Deplete Restriction is (in the GM’s eyes) unbalanced. To fix this, the Deplete Restriction for one-shot attributes (as opposed to on-going attributes) will be halved. So a -1 penalty will result in 5 energy points being lost, instead of the usual 10.

For Non-Psychics

  • For clarification, here is how the “Conditional Ownership” (CO) defect will work:
    • Level 1 of CO will apply to items that a character can carry around with him at all times. However, misuse of said item could result in confiscation. Example of this could include: Pistol’s, Personal APF’s (weak ones), and Laptop’s payed for by the school.
    • Level 2 of CO will apply to items the character cannot carry around with him at all times, but Aquarius will allow their use during training exercises that take place on the school, or even during the game “Fool’s Ball”. Examples include guns larger than a pistol and basic armor.
    • Level 3 of CO will apply to items that will not be usable on Aquarius at all, but will be accessible during off-ship missions. This category generally consists of things too large to easily use in the ship’s hallways, such as large mecha and vehicles.

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House Rules

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