Power Ratings

After decades studying psychic powers, scientists came up with a Power Scale (PSY) designed to numerically measure and categorize a psychic’s overall power. This provides an easy way for psychics to compare power levels, as well as serves a basis for determining team compositions.

At its basic form, the power scale is a numerical system with PSY ratings between 1 and 5. The number 1 symbolizes the most powerful psychics currently known, while a 5 indicates hardly any power at all. This is all a general value of the psychic’s overall power, and was used for decades. Some psychic schools do not accept applicants of certain levels. For example, the school Capricorn does not accept students below PSY-level 3.

While generally useful, it took several decades for scientists to decide the original system was incomplete. There were just some psychics who were far better at certain aspects than others. To symbolize this in their ranking system, they came up with two new symbols that could be added on to the general numerical number. Therefore, the numerical value denotes the psychic’s general power level, while the following symbols indicate that particular field is at a significantly higher level. An ‘m’ next to the psychic’s PSY-level indicates that person is exceptionally good at mental abilities such as telepathy, ‘mind hacking’, and creating illusionary objects. A ‘k’ by the PSY-level indicates a proficiency with kinetic abilities, such as telekinesis. Neither of these two symbols should appear next to a numerical number together, as that would just result in a higher PSY-level.

While now covering most possibilities, more recent developments have shown it to be still incomplete. New, previously unknown powers have surfaced. Until they are completely understood, they are simply signified by the letter ’s’ in the psychic’s PSY-rating.

Here are some examples to help clarify:

  • A reasonably powerful psychic who specializes in telekinetic powers: PSY-rank 2k
  • A fairly weak psychic with abnormally high talent in mental abilities: PSY-rank 4m
  • An average psychic good at telekinetic powers and a special ability (like a Force Shield): PSY-rank 3ks

(To give an overall conceptualization of power levels, 250 CP should roughly translate to a PSY-rank of 3, assuming the character does not slack too much on their psychic abilities. PSY-ratings of PC’s will be determined by the GM.)

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Power Ratings

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