Student Description

Advantages Disadvantages
Access to Psychic Powers Psychic Powers are draining on a character
Not reliant on Items Depending on build, may be useless in an APF


Congratulations on graduating from the Aquarius Psychic Education Curriculum. Up until now, you’ve practiced your psychic abilities while learning basic education alongside non-psychic students. Well, I’m Sergeant Y!@#$% and… what the f!^# was that? Whatever, you’re under my supervision now.

I will oversee your continued psychic training while you perform missions of varying importance. Make no mistake, some of these missions are exceedingly dangerous. As such, each mission will be overseen by one of your psychic instructors, and you will receive backup from the very non-psychic students you have been learning alongside up until now.

What was that student? You don’t see how a non-psychic will be of much use on your missions? Well let me ask you this, mort-stick, do you know how to repair a cracked rotary cylinder located deep within the bowels of a GS-51 Air Transport Shuttle? Have you received comprehensive medical training that could save your a!@ if your leg gets pierced by the mandibles of a bug twice the size of a human being? Do your powers have the raw explosive power of a Trident Missile Launcher? I didn’t think so! Now why don’t you take a lap around the training yard while I finish explaining the finer details of their transfer into the service of Aquarius to the rest of your buddies here. Go on, get!


As a recent graduate of the Aquarius Psychic Education Curriculum, it is time to begin service to the very ship that trained you. You will continue your education by attending college-level classes, as well as take on missions that will further train your amazing abilities outside of a classroom setting. In addition, these missions will help improve the goodwill between normal humans and psychics. You will receive assistance on these missions in the form of an Instructor who will carry out the role of observer (and will assist should the need arise), and the non-psychic students you have been learning alongside.

Example Basic Powers

Psychic powers are both numerous and impressive. Every psychic has some level of ability of telepathy and telekinesis. These can often be used in vastly different ways, and indeed some choose to specialize their powers. Here are some examples.

  • Mental Intrusion- Focusing on breaking into a person’s mind against their will to extract information, or perhaps implant ‘suggestions’ into a person’s behavior. Heavily regulated, as privacy (and top secret information) is still highly respected. Related Attribute(s): Mind Control, high levels of Telepathy.
  • Mental Protection- The other end of the spectrum, focusing on protecting the mind from psychic intrusion. Excellent at keeping secrets, especially from other psychics. Related Attribute(s): Block Power, Mind Shield.
  • Detection- There are varying ways to ‘see’ people and objects at a great distance. Some are able to enhance their senses while others prefer to just reach out and feel distant things with their mind. Related Attribute(s): Heightened Awareness, Heightened Senses, Sixth Sense, Supersense.
  • Alter Perceptions- Those who specialize in this cause their target(s) to see, and possibly hear, things that are not real. Related Attribute(s): Illusion, Invisibility, Projection, Sensory Block.
  • Telekinetic Flight- Who doesn’t have the desire to fly? Those that choose to specialize in this field enjoy flying like a bird. Related Attribute(s): Flight, high levels of Telekinesis.
  • Body Regulation- Through precise training of telekinesis, one can learn to control their body in ways that don’t seem humanly possible. Related Attribute(s): Elasticity, Enhanced Stat[Body], Extra Actions/Defenses, Jumping, Special Movement, Super Speed, Super Strength, Weapon(telekinetically enhanced hand-to-hand combat).
  • Body Repair- Similar to the previous, experts in this field often have an extensive knowledge of human biology, and know how to convince damaged cells, tissues, organs, flesh, etc. to heal faster. Related Attribute(s): Healing, Regeneration, Reincarnation.

Example Rare Powers

The study of psychic powers is an ongoing process. While the previous examples are well known and possessed by many individuals, there are a few powers that have only recently come to be known. It is even possible that there are some powers that have never been witnesses. Study of these abilities are highly fascinating, and people possessing such abilities are often put into a special categorization. Here are some examples of the rarer abilities.

  • Force Shield- Of all the rare powers, this one is the most common, and has been the most heavily researched. Still, there are some mysteries about it still to be answered. The most common manifestation of this power is a flat shape, usually a square, that the user can summon and control at will and will protect the user from harm. The shape is most commonly a soft, sapphire blue color. Related Attribute(s): Force Field, Shield.
  • Pyrokinesis- Only one person has been known to have such an ability, and he is watched constantly at his school (sadly, he does not attend Aquarius). His power is believed to be a highly precise version of Telekinesis which agitates molecules to the point where they burst into flame. Attempts at testing this theory by others has met with no success. Related Attribute(s): Telekinesis(Focused; Fire), Weapon(Fire Based)
  • Precognition- A most curious ability, seeing into the future has been met with some skepticism. Declared ‘poppy cock’ by some, it has officially been documented in at least 3 people over the course of several decades of research. There has never been a documented case of there being more than one living person with the power of Precognition at the same time. Indeed, the last predictions made by all three was the coming of the next Precognition user. The time of the next Precognition user is a closely guarded secret. Related Attribute(s): Sixth Sense(Precognition), Defense Combat Mastery, Melee Defense, Ranged Defense.
  • Pandora- Perhaps the most mysterious known ability. Psychics who possess this attribute claim that during moments of extreme stress, they can feel what they describe as a box within their soul. By choosing to throw their power into it, they gain unimaginable power. One who is in a Pandora State often have glowing eyes and have access to powers beyond anything they could use normally. Because of the nature of this power, it is rarely considered ethical to perform experiments. Related Attribute(s): Alternate Form (with “Emotional” restriction).
  • There are undoubtedly many unknown powers still out there to be discovered and documented. Anyone witnessing the manifestation of an ability believed to be unique is required to report it to the Aquarius authorities. Related Attribute(s): Unknown Power.

(These powers given as examples are not every known power. Just because a power is not listed here does not automatically make it a completely unique/unknown power. Discuss with the GM if you believe, or are unsure if, your power might be unique to your character.)

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Student Description

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