Support Description

Advantages Disadvantages
Items use half the normal CP Much weaker if no access to their items
Focused on skills and technology Relatively defenseless against the majority of Psychic abilities
Unaffected by APF’s


You think because you don’t have spiffy psychic powers, you’re not fit to go on missions? Think again, Noob! While they’re concentrating on leveling their powers, we get to focus on everything else! Who gets medical training to patch them back together during training accidents? We do! Who keeps all their machinery running because they’re too busy to learn how to fix it all themselves? We do! Who gets to play with fun machinery like the Trident Missile Launcher, the Titan Mk-3 Armored Power Suit, and the Frogger Amphibious All-Terrain Hover Transport with optional Gauss Cannon attachment? That’s right, we do!

And that’s not all! As normal humans, we play a vital part in a psychic student’s training and integration into normal society. Being normal, we understand what normal humans can and cannot do, and thus function better at negotiating with normal people. The point I am making is that we are just as important to the running of Aquarius as the psychic students our ship is meant to protect! Now get back out there and polish up those Titan Suits! I want to be able to see my reflection in the breastplate!


As a normal human without access to psychic powers, you will be restricted to attributes that a normal human would have access to. While they are in the rule book, available attributes will be listed at the bottom of this page for ease of use. As such, you will likely focus on the things psychic power users do not, such as skills. For combat purposes, you will most likely need to rely on the use of powerful Items. However, there are some beings able to hold their own in a straight fight with a psychic user, but they are rare indeed.

While your duties may differ occasionally while on board Aquarius, you will still be a vital member of the team when sent on missions. It is for this reason this class is called a “support” class, in that they focus on things a psychic user most likely will not. It is up to you how you wish to support them: Medic, Mechanic, Heavy Firepower… the possibilities are out there for you to choose.

Available Attributes

Attack Combat Mastery Aura of Inspiration Combat Technique Companion
Defense Combat Mastery Divine Relationship Energy Bonus Extra Actions
Extra Defenses Features Heightened Awareness Heightened Senses
Item Massive Damage Melee Attack Melee Defense
Organizational Ties Ranged Attack Ranged Defense Skills
Tough Wealth

Items are not restricted to just these attributes, and can take on just about any attribute in the rule book. These attributes will be Technology Based, and will not be affected by APF’s.

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Support Description

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