The Z3 pill (along with its predecessors Z1 and Z2) is, for lack of a better word, a mental stimulant. They are often handed out to psychics that are about to embark on particularly difficult and/or dangerous missions. When ingested, a psychic will experience a significant, albeit temporary, boost in their capabilities for approximately 10 minutes (In Game Terms[IGT]: all psychic stats +1 level). It has even been known to artificially trigger “Pandora” in those with that particular ability (IGT: don’t need emotional stress).

In non-psychic beings, the Z3 triggers debilitating migraines, seizures, and sometimes death.

While powerful, and relatively easy to manufacture, the Z3 does come with some side effects, which is why they are strictly controlled. These include: feelings of superiority/invincibility, raised blood pressure, and paranoia. In addition, there is a slim chance of the user becoming addicted, with a higher chance for people who already experience the side-effect symptoms before taking the Z3 pill (IGT: to be figured out later).

As such, even when given a Z3 for a mission, it is highly recommended that you don’t take the Z3 unless all other options have been exhausted, or under a life-threatening emergency. Use of a Z3 during any sporting event, including Fool’s Ball, is strictly prohibited (guns and powersuits are fine, but no doping). Avoid operating heavy machinery, using psychic powers or not, while under the effects of a Z3. Women who are pregnant, or may become pregnant, should not take a Z3.

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